Podcast Production

Create more online audio to share with your audience by producing a podcast!  If you’re not sure where to start, then let us give you some ideas!  From consulting with you on how to produce your own podcast with little or no-cost resources – to building out a your own studio, we can help!

Podcasts start with an idea – typically something you are passionate about.  You decide how often you’d like to talk about your passion to create your editorial schedule.

Recording the podcast.  There are several options here, but the bottom line is that you want a recording of you talking about your passion, talking with a colleague, or interviewing an expert in your area.

Editing the podcast.  You’ve made the recording, but there are a few spots that you’d like removed.  Find out which editing software to use so that you sound your best.

Making the audio available for download.  Your audio recording will need to be hosted somewhere.  Learn the best media hosts to consider for your podcasts.

Get the word out about your audio podcast. Learn the different methods for podcast production.  Use an “internet radio” service or create your own custom website to host the information?

To give you an idea, check out the Online Biz Insiders podcast.  We use Skype to communicate and our studio of equipment to record Carla and Mary’s conversations.  Then Carla post-produces the episode by mixing in our theme music.  The audio file is converted to an MP3 file then uploaded to our media hosting site, Amazon s3.  The associated download link is then added to our blog post where we write up show notes to accompany the recording.