Online Video Marketing

We help small businesses understand the diverse world of online video marketing.  We have produced the following kinds of videos:

“Talking Head” videos – these are short videos in which you introduce yourself and your company, or create short videos of 2-minute nuggets of expertise to share with your audience.

Presentation videos – For those with a dislike for being on-camera, this is a great alternative to share your expertise.  The video is a slide deck combined with an accompanying audio narration.  So maybe you have a 10-slide presentation about why your widgets are the best (which you usually deliver when meeting with prospects in person), but you want to share the presentation on your website too.  Let us help you!  Send us your slide deck and schedule time with us to record your audio script.  Then we’ll take the two files and combine them to create a video that you can post to your YouTube channel, your website, or on your social media networks!

Vlogs (aka “video blogs”, aka “video podcasts”) – why not take your talking head or presentation video one step further and create a vlog centered around the content?  With some simple brainstorming, you can create a series that can be posted to your vlog on a consistent basis.  It’s another avenue for folks to find out about your expertise and learn about you.

YouTube Channel – let us help you set-up your YouTube channel.  Did you know 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?  Did you know there are over 3 billion videos viewed everyday?  Get a piece of this online video pie, and create your own video channel.


See examples of our online video production samples here.