Content Repurposing Example from client Jama St. John

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I'd like to start a series of posts where I profile client projects on our blog. I find real world examples are the best to demonstrate a marketing strategy.  Our first client profile will feature Jama St. John, owner of Strategic Virtual Solutions, … [Continue reading]

How to Use Google+ Hangouts On Air for your Small Business

This is a Google+ Hangout On Air event page. It will make hosting and promoting your HOAs much easier!

In this post you'll learn how to use Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOA) for your Small Business.  To demonstrate this free resource offered by Google, I conducted a Hangout On Air with Steffi Black of Steffi Black Coaching and Liza Magcale of eLiaise and … [Continue reading]

How to launch a blog – my crazy 3am a-ha moment

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I have been in business a long time. While my target audience has changed over the past 10 years, my focus has always primarily been in marketing consulting.  Marketing covers a huge topic area and I have enjoyed specializing producing audio and … [Continue reading]

[video] A Google+ Hangouts On Air Discussion – part 2

As a follow up to our first Google+ Hangouts On Air Overview, Liza Magcale, Steffi Black and I convened again to discuss Part 2 of using Hangouts On Air. Steffi used HOA to create a video blog post, but had a few issues. So I'll answer her … [Continue reading]

We’re celebrating 10 years in business!

WMS 10 Anniv

On Sunday, September 1, we will celebrate 10 years in business!  It's so exciting to reach another milestone. Wilson Media Services is a business that supports the internet marketing efforts of entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches. Our clients … [Continue reading]