How to Use Google+ Hangouts On Air for your Small Business

In this post you’ll learn how to use Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOA) for your Small Business.  To demonstrate this free resource offered by Google, I conducted a Hangout On Air with Steffi Black of Steffi Black Coaching and Liza Magcale of eLiaise and Virtual Office Canada for the discussion. Please watch the video to […]

How to handle marketing efforts during a tragedy

Here is a video discussion on the Online Biz Insiders show between Jeff Tincher and me. We discuss best practices to follow when a tragedy like the recent Boston Marathon bombings happened. After the show, I’ll include more links here…

How to keep your online life safe and secure

here is a replay of the video we produced for the Online Biz Insiders show that Mary Motz and I host.  In this video Mary and I discuss how to keep your digital life (email accounts, social media, etc.) and information secure. Recently a friend of Mary’s reached out to ask her about security on […]

Staying At the Top of Your Game

Here is a video discussion between myself and Mary Motz regarding professional development. When you stay at the top of your professional game, you stay passionate about your work, and you keep your clients excited about the work you do with them. Watch here:

Sources for Current Social Media and Tech News

  Here are sources for gathering tech and social media news. 1. Google Reader – It allows you to cleanly gather RSS feeds for blogs, tech sites, news sources into one place for your review. 2.  I really like the resources shared at Social Media Examiner, HubSpot and Marketo. 3. My colleague, Mary Motz, loves to use Twitter to quickly follow news […]