Are You Prepared for the Year of the Podcast?

It’s nearly the end of the first quarter of 2015. Did you plan to launch a podcast this year, but maybe you got stuck? Let us present a few (more) good reasons to move forward with your decision to launch a podcast as part of your marketing strategy this year. NPR calls 2015 “The Year […]

Learn How to Podcast with Podcasts Made Simple

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new collaborative project called Podcasts Made Simple! My colleague Jama St.John of Strategic Virtual Solutions and I partnered on the creation of this how-to product.  As you may know, I serve on Jama’s multi-VA team as the audio and video specialist, editing audios and producing Jama’s […]

Content Repurposing Example from client Jama St. John

I’d like to start a series of posts where I profile client projects on our blog. I find real world examples are the best to demonstrate a marketing strategy.  Our first client profile will feature Jama St. John, owner of Strategic Virtual Solutions, who has a unique way to repurpose content – specifically taking podcast content that […]

Establishing Your Client Intake Processes – a video discussion

The video above is a re-broadcast of our Online Biz Insiders podcast that I co-host with Mary Motz of ProVirtual Solutions. In this episode we discuss how to create a Client Intake process. Mary suggests a couple great resources: Formstack (, EchoSign ( as well as a Google Apps plug-in called

Lessons from Customer Services Disasters – the OBI podcast

Mary Motz and I record a weekly podcast for our Online Biz Insiders blog. In the last episode, Mary described an issue she had had with RingCentral.  (She had wanted to make a change to the billing options on her account, but was unable to make the change herself within her account settings.  It was […]