Are You Prepared for the Year of the Podcast?

Podcasting_iconIt’s nearly the end of the first quarter of 2015. Did you plan to launch a podcast this year, but maybe you got stuck? Let us present a few (more) good reasons to move forward with your decision to launch a podcast as part of your marketing strategy this year.

NPR calls 2015 “The Year of the Podcast.”  Is podcasting part of your current marketing efforts, or is adding a podcast to your business marketing part of your plan for this year? As a podcast producer I encourage prospects to create podcasts and now I will try to convince you too.

This time last year, my colleague Jeff Tincher and I were noticing the importance of images in marketing.  A picture being worth a thousand words, we touted the advantages of adding images to your Twitter and Facebook posts.  Using Pinterest for your business.  Creating an Instagram feed.

The last quarter of 2014 proved to me the increased role that audio will play in our lives this year. If you were like me, one of 800,000, you were completely hooked on WBEZ’s This American Life’s podcast Serial, a story told week by week over the course of 12 weeks.  I was not only hooked on the story itself, but the decision by This American Life/WBEZ to release this on podcast only as there was no specific radio show time slot associated with the series.  We listeners couldn’t wait for a new episode to be released each Thursday. If you couldn’t wait until Thursday for the new episode you could always listens to Slate’s podcast about the Serial podcast.

In the spring of 2014, Edison Research conducted a Share of Ear (sm) study, and concluded findings in the fall.  In this study about 2000 people kept a diary their audio listening habits for a 24-hour period. Of the 2096 folks surveyed, 1.7% were podcast listeners.  While participants recorded that they listened to over 4 hours of audio per day, podcast listeners were considered power listeners – listening to over 5.75 hours of audio each day.

As podcast listener, I can agree.  I loved Serial, but its 30-60 minute episodes were short and I wanted to discover more and more podcasts.  I spend a lot of time walking for exercise, so I need lots of audio to keep me moving. My podcast listening friends are the same way. We’re constantly comparing notes and making suggestions about which podcasts to subscribe.

My conclusions: Podcasts are popular. Podcast listeners listen to many podcasts each week. You should be podcasting because it will be BIG this year.

Are you prepared for the year of the podcast?  Remember that creating a podcast involves less tech than creating a video. Audio can be recorded via a digital audio recorder, conference call line, Skype, or smartphone. Remember that you can repurpose an article or blog post to create a script for a podcast.

If you feel unprepared and want some guidance in producing a podcast, please contact us today to discuss your project.


About Carla Wilson

Carla Wilson is a self-proclaimed digital media junkie. She is passionate about helping her clients understand the flexibility of leveraging online audio and video in their marketing efforts. She is a yoga teacher, wine lover, foodie and feline fancier. She lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with her husband, son and 3 cats.

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