Content Repurposing Example from client Jama St. John

Jama St John photoI’d like to start a series of posts where I profile client projects on our blog. I find real world examples are the best to demonstrate a marketing strategy.  Our first client profile will feature Jama St. John, owner of Strategic Virtual Solutions, who has a unique way to repurpose content – specifically taking podcast content that she records weekly and repurposing it into web content for her blog.  First, let me introduce Jama.

Jama St. John has owned Strategic Virtual Solutions (SVS) since 1996.  Her business started as an administrative and legal virtual assistant practice and grew into a multi-Virtual Assistant and InfusionSoft consulting and training business serving online marketers and entrepreneurs.

I serve on Jama’s team of virtual assistants providing audio and video production and editing expertise to SVS clients.

Recently Jama launched a new podcast called Strategic Business Building Podcast.  Why did she decide to start a podcast? First, she wanted to align her business with industry experts.  She also wanted more exposure and traffic to her website (who doesn’t?!) and in her words, it would “force me to talk with people.”  Each week the SBB podcast, “…give[s] you access to the best minds in the business building industry, so you can learn directly from them how to shift the landscape of your business and get positioned for explosive growth.”  Jama interviews an expert for about 15-20 minutes.  At the end of the conversation, Jama directs the listener to a website address to access a free gift offer from the expert.  What amazing value is that for the listeners?

Creating consistent content is an important strategy for any online business.  When you consistently add new content to your website or blog search engines discover that you are consistently adding new content to your website.  When the search engine spiders/bots visit your site frequently it helps the search engine to understand what your website (and business) are all about.  When that happens, your website or blog rank higher in search engine results.

Not only is Jama creating consistent digital audio content (which is good Google juice) but she also repurposes that audio content into blog content!

So here is a quick overview of the production process of producing a podcast and repurposing it into blog content:

  1. Jama finds an industry expert and schedules a meeting time.
  2. Jama and expert dial into
  3. Jama records the interview using the FCP system.
  4.  The resulting audio file is forwarded to me — the audio video virtual assistant expert on her team.
  5. I produce the audio into a podcast episode (by adding in intro and outro music, correcting any volume level issues, adding ID3 tags, etc.).
  6. The podcast audio file is uploaded to also know as LibSyn.  (This automatically feeds a blog post, Stitcher Radio and Blackberry directories as well. )
  7. Another virtual assistant on the SVS team transcribes the interview.
  8. The interview text and the podcast media file link are added to the blog post.
  9. An image of the industry expert and description of the free offering are added to the blog post.
  10. When the new blog post is published, the RSS feed updates iTunes directory automatically.

I should note this process is not the only way to produce a podcast.  If you have questions about starting your own podcast, simply email me to discuss.

Do you produce a podcast? What is your production process?  Have you thought about repurposing your podcasts into blog posts?

Please add your comments below.

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